ORI’s organizational plan is built around our mission: help our clients create work environments that support their business objectives. We do this by seamlessly integrating furniture, architectural, and technology products through a broad range of facility-related services. We have built our business around our customers and their evolving needs, and it is our strong desire to be a single-source supplier for all of our clients.

We continue to expand the markets we serve and the products and services we sell, and we have introduced a number of new tools and processes that allow us to provide better service through better integration and efficiency.

Our business plan is built around the following:

– Continue to expand the markets we serve, and the products and services we provide to our customers.
– Leverage technology to increase our speed of response and delivery, reduce the cost of doing business with us, and enhance the overall customer experience.
– Leverage our four value propositions to allow us to better match our offerings to the market and customer requirements.
– Evaluate and adjust service strategy and delivery.

Aligning Our Business and Resources

We believe that with a better understanding of our customers we can serve them better and faster than they expect.

ORI is committed to taking a customer-centered approach and has developed four value propositions to accomplish this. We have observed over time that customer expectations tend to vary by the size and complexity of their organizations. By constructing four different value propositions, we are able to provide exceptional service to an array of customers with many diverse needs. Whether they are simply looking for a used chair from ORI Express or are building out an entire new facility with the help of our Integrated Interiors Division, we can guarantee that more customers will find the solutions they want.

Our first value proposition is ORI Express: ORI Express provides value-priced home office and office furniture solutions in a quick, simple and affordable manner. In addition, we provide used, damaged, and discontinued furniture. ORI Express is supported by a showroom, sales professionals, delivery, and set-up. Our ORI Express facility is located at 11165 Bluegrass Industrial Parkway in Louisville.

Our second value proposition is ORI Contract Division: ORI Contract Division provides knowledge, products, and related services to help create a better work experience for our customers. This group is located at 12600 Plantside Dr. in Louisville.

Our third value proposition is ORI Integrated Interiors: ORI Integrated Interiors provides a range of products to customers that desire flexible, totally integrated, high-performance architectural, furniture, and technology solutions. This group resides in the ORI Contract Division and through strategic alliances with select vendors.

Our final value proposition is ORI Key Market Teams: ORI Key Markets Team is a sub-group of the ORI Contract Division focused on key and unique market segments, e.g. Healthcare, Education (Higher Ed and K-12), Professional Services, and Government (Federal, State and Local.) Through our experience, we know that these markets require a dedicated and experienced team that truly understands the uniqueness of each market.

Creating Excellent Customer Experiences Everyday

We know that to deliver the best customer experience, basic order activities must be done flawlessly. To ensure that our execution is best-in-class, we have developed key internal metrics to measure and monitor our performance at critical junctures in the ORI Order Process. We meticulously measure the following with each order, and our performance is reviewed weekly by ORI Leadership and monthly with the entire company:

Is Order Information Complete and Correct? We measure against a “best practices” checklist, and the information is checked prior to entering the order. Performance benchmark: 97.5%

Are Drawings Complete and Correct? Prior to order entry, the design team and either the account representative or project management checks the drawings. Performance benchmark: 98%

Is Delivery Information Correct? This is measured when the installation is scheduled. All relevant information is confirmed and updated if necessary. Performance benchmark: 98%

Corrective Action Report (CAR): We measure the timeliness of the submittal (must be turned in daily), and the completeness (must be actionable when submitted) with each order/delivery and project. We measure the time it takes to resolve any “open issue”, through our open issue report. Performance benchmark: 99%

Is Operations Paperwork Complete? We measure the timeliness of the submittal of critical operations paperwork. Performance benchmark: 95%