The Custom Services Department of ORI was created because your company demanded it. You needed more than new office products, more than prompt delivery and professional installation. You needed special services to help adjust your company’s growth – growth that constantly changes your office needs. Our Custom Services Department lets you keep up with these changes through the refurbishment and repair of the furniture you now have.

Custom Laminate Manufacturing

We can make desks, tables, storage units and custom designed pieces to match, or to augment, existing furniture. Because manufacturing takes place right in our own millwork shop, we can quickly duplicate existing finishes, and make use of special laminates that conform exactly to match existing furniture.

Furniture Refurbishment

ORI has the cost-effective way to give worn, soiled upholstery a brand new look… to update your work environment or create a new one. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics to reupholster seating, vertical panels, tackboards and acoustical panels. And to save time, the reupholstering or repair can even be accomplished on-site.

We can refinish your fine wood piece: older furniture with stains and scratches can be stripped and re-stained.

Upholstery Cleaning and Fabric Protection

Regular cleaning and fabric protection of your reupholstered furniture products will maintain their new appearance and may reduce damage by airborne pollutants.

Normal vacuuming by janitorial services does not remove stains, body oils, grease and food spills that accumulate. The application of fabric protection will resist permanent staining from everyday spills. It will also increase the wear life of fabric. Treated items will look better, clean easier and last longer.

ORI Custom Services Department also provides regularly scheduled and “as needed” maintenance service, including professional upholstery cleaning.


Just because some colors do not happen to be “in”, doesn’t necessitate buying new furniture. Your existing metal furniture can be quickly – and economically – repainted using an exclusive fast drying process.

Contact us today to find out more about how our custom services department can help you create the product, work environment and experience you are looking for.

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