ORI in partnership with a number of national resource wholesalers and refurbishers, is a one-stop solution for all of our client’s liquidation/disposal needs. We have built the infrastructure to effectively meet the needs of your comprehensive surplus disposition.

We will provide a quick and fair quote on buying and removing your existing office furniture.

No one needs an office in a landfill.

If you have office furniture that you no longer want or need, ORI can help. Our end-of-use consultants can help evaluate your furniture inventory and offer options for reuse, all with a “zero landfill” goal. Because of the wide variability in used furniture valuation (brand, model, age, condition, etc), the process begins with an initial assessment. If the project moves forward, we coordinate everything – from the inventory, documentation and removal of the old furniture as your new products arrive.

The intent is for these used products to be placed back into service with other organizations for reuse or because of age and condition of the used products, be recycled into new usable products. There are many options from which to choose, with social, environmental, and economic benefits.


We have an extensive network of national dealers and brokers throughout North America that may be interested in purchasing your used furniture. Our consultants can assist you in developing or validating a market price and can act as an agent if you choose to sell your used furniture on the open market. Our first attempt would be to sell your furniture within the region of where your inventory currently resides: with the intent of minimizing the carbon impact related to the transportation of the products.  

Charitable Reuse

More than just helping the environment, you can also help others. ORI helps businesses match their used office furniture, in addition to other equipment, with non-profit and charitable organizations around the globe. With a global reach, from U.S. cities devastated by natural disasters to countries desperately trying to rebuild their infrastructures, using this option offers significant benefits to both donors and recipients. This effort has extended the useful life of thousands of furniture products and has dramatically reduced the amount of waste dumped into landfills.


Sometimes refurbishing your existing Steelcase furniture with new fabrics and finishes, as well as adding new components can extend your furniture investment. Reusing some existing furniture in your project may also help earn credit towards LEED certification.


If the assets no longer have a useful life, salvaging is often considered a last resort. Reclaiming the materials found in used furniture is not always an easy or small undertaking. Yet, there is merit to recycling used workstations. ORI and our partners identify materials found in used furniture so that materials can be reclaimed and made into something new again.

Contact us and let us help you properly dispose of your office furniture no longer needed by your company.

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