ORI’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

PAYMENT TERMS – Subject to Credit Department approval of the customer’s credit application, terms of payment of all ORI, Inc. invoices are due, net 30 days from the date of delivery or installation. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed on past due invoices. Should delivery of furniture to client not be possible, through no fault of ORI, Inc., when furniture is received from Manufacturer (s) at ORI, Inc.’s distribution center, client will be invoiced for the full amount at time of attempted delivery. Payment of 95% of the full invoice will be deemed acceptable until delivery or installation is completed.

Storage and handling charges for said merchandise will be waived for the first 30 days. After 30 days product stored by ORI, Inc. will be billed at a rate of 2% of the Selling Price per month for each full or partial month thereafter.

CREDIT CARDS – ORI accepts all major credit cards for payment although credit card transactions are limited to $10,000.00.

INVOICING – Invoices to the Buyer will be generated at the time of delivery or expected delivery.

DEPOSITS – All orders are subject to a 50% deposit with the order.

TAX – Sales tax will be included on the invoice unless the Buyer provides ORI, Inc. with a sales tax exemption certificate.

CUSTOMER ORDERS – ORI, Inc. will process customer orders upon the receipt of an executed copy of these Terms and Conditions, a signed order by Buyer or valid purchase order, and completion of any Credit Department requirements for deposit or payment. Except for credit and payment terms, these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply to all subsequent orders, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Credit and/or payment terms may be modified by ORI, Inc. from time to time as necessary. Changes, if any, in credit and/or payment terms will be communicated to the customer in writing prior to the placement of any new orders to which the terms would apply.

RETURNS, CHANGES and CANCELLATIONS – Upon acceptance, orders cannot be returned, changed or cancelled without the written consent of ORI, Inc. The costs of approved changes and/or cancellations are the responsibility of the Buyer.

DELIVERY and INSTALLATION – ORI, Inc. is responsible for delivery and installation during normal working hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted on the purchase agreement. Except as mentioned above, the Buyer is responsible for overtime premium for work performed outside normal hours. Buyer is also responsible for required prevailing wage or union labor and related benefits in excess of ORI, Inc.’s normal rates. It is the responsibility of Buyer to be present at time of installation/delivery, to acknowledge receipt and condition of furniture. The responsibility for the security and safeguarding of the delivered product shall pass to the Buyer at this time. Buyer’s failure to sign for receipt may result in a redelivery or an additional trip by ORI, Inc., at additional cost to Buyer.

CONDITION OF JOB SITE – The job site must be clean and free of all construction debris prior to installation, with sufficient electric current, heat, elevator service and a secure staging area available during the course of the installation. Failure to provide a job site in proper condition may result in installation delays and/or additional charges, at Seller’s sole discretion.

PARTIAL DELIVERIES – Can be made at the request of the buyer for an additional charge. Unplanned partial deliveries may result in a premium, overtime charge.

WARRANTIES, MAINTENANCE & REPAIR – If the Buyer is dissatisfied at the time of installation/delivery, it should be noted on the Delivery Ticket/Punch List. Damaged merchandise will be repaired to the satisfaction of the Buyer, or will be replaced. Buyer may delay payment of up to 5% of the invoice, without penalty, until all items are corrected to Buyer’s satisfaction. However, it is expressly understood that the remaining 95% of the invoice are due and payable, under the credit terms extended by seller, regardless of the presence or extent of items to be corrected. ORI, Inc. will provide the necessary service at no charge to correct defects which are caused by Seller or covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (the terms of which vary by manufacturer). Non-warranty repairs and maintenance will be performed at our standard charges. Buyer will be notified in advance if there will be a charge for the service.

INSURANCE – ORI, Inc. provides liability and worker’s compensation insurance and is responsible for property damage caused by ORI, Inc. employees. Certificates of Insurance will be delivered upon request. Fire, tornado, flood and other insurance are the responsibility of Buyer once product has been delivered to the site.

UPDATED 2/15/22